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Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System

Xtreme Sports Machines™ Professional tennis match tracking, tennis charting and tennis analysis software for both PDA (Pocket PC) and desktop/laptop PC.


Xtreme Sports Machines™ Professional Tennis Tracking Software is capable of tracking both singles and doubles tennis matches, as well as analysing strokes played and used to win points. The Professional Tracker is a must have vital tool for players, coaches, parents, academies, tennis centres and tennis enthusiasts.


It easily records and analyses tennis matches on your PDA or desktop/laptop PC to provide valuable feedback to players. As well as tracking points won, the Professional Tennis Tracker, tracks points lost so both you and your coach know exactly why, when and what went wrong during the game.


Let’s face it when a player loses and comes off court, the first question that is asked is, how did you lose and why? The response ‘I don’t know’. I should have played the back hand crosscourt instead of down the line, I would have been better off playing more forehands; I could have done better at the net.


Should have, could have, and would have…

                                                      just doesn’t cut it anymore.


In today’s tennis game the ‘I don’t know’ attitude and mentality just doesn’t cut it anymore. Players today can have anywhere from 6 to 9 racquets in their tennis bag, but are all missing the most important tool… the ability to recall what happened during the game, why they lost, what stroke needs improvement, what’s my weak angle and most of all… what’s my opponent up to… what’s their game plan like etc. What if you had an easy to use tool to monitor your shot selection and record your strokes as well as your opponents, while highlighting strengths and weaknesses for yourself as well as your opponent.


Knowledge is Power!


For a professional boxer losing a point can mean an entire bout, or in a worst case scenario… a knockout. What a boxer does leading up to a fight is view many countless hours of his opponent’s fights on video footage, to find weaknesses, flaws, as well as assets that the other fighter has, and concentrates on correcting combinations, footwork, punches, speed, stamina and endurance, while exploiting the acquired opponents information as well as planning for victory rather than just fronting up to a fight or competition.


Armed with this knowledge after losing a tennis game, you can now sit down and see exactly what, when, where and how you went wrong. With your coach’s help, you can target the weak areas of your game, write and set out a correct training program that’s tailored to your needs and requirements as well as build on your already strong artillery. So the next time you meet your opponent at a tournament, you can wipe them off the court with your corrected strokes, tactics, game-play and armed with the knowledge of your opponents exposed weaknesses… you can become the Boxer and box clever!


Parents normally accompany their child to tennis matches and just sit in the stands watching the game. Now, parents can simply and easily input data to track their child’s game. The difference now is that the player can leave the court knowing how they won or why they lost, as well as make the right changes to correct weaknesses, and build an awesome defensive game plan against the same or different opponents. It’s easy to blame the weather, the racquet, the strings or the court, but now for less than the price of some tennis racquets you can get more out of your game and win more often than not.


Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System - Input Screen


Set Up Window

The Set Up window allows you to input players names singles or doubles, dates, event name, other information such as weather conditions, court surface, number of sets, number of games to win, last set format and sudden death deuce.






Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System - Input Shot Screen


Input Shot Selection

After selecting either forehand or backhand, an automatic pop up screen appears for rapid shot selection. Choose from such shots as drives, slice, volley, smash, lob, drop shot and half volley.






Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System - Plotted Diagram Screen


Plotted Diagrams

Plotted diagrams show shots won and lost as well as netted, to help improve your training and isolating troublesome shots.







Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System - Linear Plotted Diagram Screen


Linear Plotted diagrams
Linear Plotted diagrams show the direction of ball travel and highlights angles and shot directions. Great way of seeing what angle you or your opponent are capturing and exploiting shots.







Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System - Line Match Graph Screen


Line Match Graph

This screen is useful to show turning points in the game. Comments can be added at any point, while showing and highlighting game events so you can better analyse and adapt for your next training session.






 Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System - Stats Filter Screen


Statistical Filter Options

With over 600 different statistical options the Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System allows you to choose exactly what you would like to see by simply choosing the statistic information required with the Statistical Filter Option.

 What are you waiting for?

Get smart and start turning your game around today! 




Xtreme Pro Tennis Tracking System - PDA

The Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System is a state of the art tennis software program that allows you to track and analyse your game all on a handy easy to use and fully portable Pocket PC / PDA.

Xtreme Pro Tennis Tracking System - PC & PDA

The Xtreme Professional Tennis Tracking System is a state of the art tennis software program that allows you to track and analyse your game all on a handy easy to use and fully portable Pocket PC / PDA which can then be integrated to a desktop PC for further analysis.