Dyno Tune

Xtreme Dyno Tune Machine

The Xtreme Dyno Tune machine has just been launched and has been paraised by many stringing professionals. 


The Xtreme Dyno Tune machine is an all in one unit that lets you test and tune your racquets giving you a professional non-bias information with ease of use. This extraordinary piece of equipment allows you to Balance, Weigh and test the all important racquet swing-weight.


This will enable you to create matching sets for your customers or compare many different frame types against each other to help clients choose the best or closest matching racquets.


Xtreme Dyno Tune Machine - One step closer to perfection. 

 There are many benefits for using an Xtreme Dyno Tune Machine such as:

  • Matching Racquet Weights
  • Matching Racquet Balances
  • Matching Racquet Swing-weights
  • Comparing Old V's New specs
  • Customising accuracy
  • Total Customer Racquet Service
  • Professional customer care and touch




The Xtreme Dyno Tune Machine is a sophisticated yet simple and easy to use precision instrument for racquet stringers. It makes testing, comparing and matching racquets a breeze and can give you all the vital racquet information within in seconds. Take the guess work out and give your customer the right answer first time every time.






Xtreme Dyno Tune Machines Brochure (259 kb)




Xtreme Dyno Tune Machine


Offer has been extended until Sunday 31 of January 2010 - Noramlly $1,995.00 

The Xtreme Dyno Tune Machines is a state of the art Tennis Racquet Tuning Machine which will enable you to test, compare and set racquet weights, racquet swing-weight as well as racquet balance.

A simple and easy to use, and an all in one machine solution for all your racquet customisation needs.